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Sacajawea Park / Kelli's Playground


Sunrise to Sunset


  • Year opened: 1998
  • Acres: .5
  • Play Equipment: Yes
  • Trails: No
  • Gazebo: Yes


Sacajawea Park was a result of land donated by a private property owner adjacent to the park, an Open Space Land Acquisition Grant from the Illinois Department of Conservation,
and various monetary contributions and donations from the public.
The park was further developed through the efforts of fund raising events hosted by various local community organizations as well as personalized brick pathway sales.

Park Rules

  • No Alcohol is allowed on park grounds.
  • Your leashed pets are welcome, but please pick up after them before leaving.
  • Except for disabled or handicapped persons, use of a motor propelled vehicle of any kind is prohibited in Sacajawea Park.