What is the Village's Ordinance on unattached structures, or sheds on properties?
Sec. 42-9. Accessory buildings and uses.
(a) Accessory uses shall be compatible with the principal use and shall not be established prior to the establishment of the principal use and shall not include the keeping, propagation or culture of pigeons, poultry or livestock whether or not for profit. Private, in-ground swimming pools shall be permitted accessory uses in any residence district, provided they conform to the regulations of this chapter and other applicable ordinances of the village.
(b) No accessory building, unless it is structurally a part of the principal building, and, unless it conforms with requirements of accessory buildings for special uses, shall be erected or altered at or within the required area for front, side or rear yard of the lot as set forth in the district.
(c) No accessory building shall have more than one story, nor exceed 17 feet in height, unless otherwise permitted as accessory to authorized special uses.
(Code 1998, § 17.12.070; Ord. No. 2015-3, § 4, 3-12-2015)

Sec. 42-10. Special uses.
(a) To provide for the location of certain uses hereinafter specified, which are deemed desirable for the public welfare within a given district, but which might have an adverse effect upon nearby properties or upon the character and future development of the district in which they are located, a classification of special use is established.
(b) Where a use exists on the effective date of the ordinance from which this chapter is derived and it is classified as a special use by said ordinance, it shall be considered to be a lawful special use. additions or alterations to existing buildings or land improvements for expansion of lawful special uses may be made within the area of the lot included in the ownership existing at the time of adoption of said ordinance, and they shall be subject to yard, floor area ratio and building height requirements set forth in this chapter for permitted uses in the districts in which
they are located.
(c) If the special use ceases for a period of more than one year, the special use permit shall be void and the special use cannot again be started. A special use permit may authorize one or more special uses, in accordance with the terms of the special permit.
(d) On each lot in R-1 residential zoning districts, at most only one unattached structure can be erected in addition to the principal building; such unattached structure shall be regarded as an accessory use and will be permitted under provisions of "special uses" as regulated by this chapter, as amended, and by additional requirements specified in village building and property maintenance regulations.
(Code 1998, § 17.12.080; Ord. No. 2015-3, § 4, 3-12-2015)

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