How do I purchase a Vehicle Sticker?
Vehicle stickers are available at the Village Hall, located at 201 Acacia Dr. Indian Head Park, IL 60525.

Existing Vehicles: If you have previously purchased a sticker for your vehicle, you have several options for obtaining your vehicle sticker. The renewal card and payment may be mailed in, dropped into the Drop Box or brought in person to the Village Hall. The renewal card is required to purchase your sticker. If you did not receive the renewal card you may come into the Village Administration Office and complete a blank application or you may print off and complete the Indian Head Park Vehicle Registration Form.

New Vehicles: To purchase a sticker for a vehicle that has never not been registered with Indian Head Park, you must bring your vehicle registration, VIN number, & plate information into the Village Hall. Once your vehicle is entered in our Vehicle Sticker system, you do not need to bring in your registration each year. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail instead.

Replacement Sticker: If you purchased a sticker this fiscal year and later in the year purchase a different vehicle, please come in and purchase a replacement sticker for $10 and bring the new car information.

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