*** ATTENTION *** Location of the Village Hall Board Meeting has changed! 
Location Change


The Village Board Meeting for Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 7:00 pm has changed location. The meeting will be held at Lyonsville Congregational United Church of Christ, located at 6871 Joliet Road, Indian Head Park, IL 60525. If you have questions or have any requests please contact our office at 708-246-3080.



To:                  All Residents and Businesses of the Village of Indian Head Park
From:             The Village of Indian Head Park
Date:               November 26, 2019
Subject:          Sale of Recreational Cannabis in the Village
Earlier this year the State of Illinois General Assembly passed, and Governor Pritzker signed, the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which legalizes recreational cannabis starting on January 1, 2020.  Under this law, municipalities are given the ability to regulate, tax, and prohibit the sale of recreational cannabis within their limits. The Board of Trustees is in the process of making a decision as to whether or not to allow the sale of recreational cannabis in the Village come next year. As of right now, the Board has voted to allow the sale of medical cannabis within the Village limits. Although the Board voted on this issue at both the October and November meetings, no ordinances have been approved regarding the regulation/ prohibition of the sale of recreational cannabis in the Village. At the December Board of Trustees meeting (Thursday, December 12, 2019), there will be an agenda item regarding the sale of recreational cannabis within the Village limits. The Board welcomes any and all input on this matter and appreciates all of the feedback received so far.
Please note that the Village Board can only regulate the sale of recreational cannabis, NOT its use. That is allowed by State law. 
The discussion on this topic is quite passionate on both sides. Although this has been discussed at every Village Board meeting and two Planning and Zoning meetings since August of this year, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know one more time that this is being discussed. (Videos or minutes of meetings where this topic was discussed are available on our website.)

This letter serves two purposes. First; to get the word out that we are continuing the discussion of a Board action and second; we expect a larger than normal turnout for the meeting, so we are holding the meeting not at Village Hall but at Lyonsville Congregational Church, 6871 Joliet Road in the Village of Indian Head Park.
The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm., December 12, 2019
You are welcome to attend this meeting.
If you require reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call us at 708-246-3080.

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