Refuse & Recycling

SBC Waste Hauling and Our Village 

After months of discussion, the Village Board of Trustees has awarded its first Waste
Hauling Franchise Agreement to SBC Waste Solutions.  Refuse, recycling, and landscape
waste removal will continue in a manner similar to existing services. Additional options
will be available to residents at reduced pricing.
Previous to this contract, no Village Waste Hauling Franchise Agreement existed and
residents were on their own when it came to setting up waste hauling services. Due to
this, Indian Head Park residents have paid a higher price for waste hauling services than
residents of other communities in the area. The Village sought to establish this waste
hauling contract to negotiate lower prices for residents and to increase service options.

Groot will be cancelling the individual accounts of residents that are part of the new Waste Franchise Agreement.


Please submit the Refuse and Recycling Selection Sheet by September 18th. This form is on the third page of the August 27th letter residents who are included in the Waste Hauling Agreement received. You must submit this sheet so that SBC Waste Solutions can properly bill you and provide you with your desired cart options. Even if you are using refuse stickers you must submit this form. If you do not turn in this form on time then you will be automatically signed up for the largest cart options.

You may submit the form in the silver drop box outside Village Hall or submit it in person at Village Hall. You may also mail it to Village Hall at 201 Acacia Drive, or scan and email it to A copy of the form may also be filled out on our website’s online fillable form center.  

Options & Pricing

OPTIONS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Refuse Stickers $2.85 $3.00 $3.10 $3.22 $3.25
35 Gal Toter Month Rate  $14.35 $14.80 $15.22 $15.70 $16.15
65 Gal Toter Month Rate  $14.55 $14.95 $15.40 $15.87 $16.37
95 Gal Toter Month Rate  $15.55 $16.10 $16.60 $17.10 $17.65
Yard Waste Pickup $2.85 $3.00

$3.10 $3.22 $3.25
Bulk Items  3 Stickers 3 Stickers 3 Stickers 3 Stickers  3 Stickers
Special Collections $25.00 
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum
Electronic Waste  10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers

Pay Your Bill 

In addition to paying manually by mail, SBC Waste Hauling offers three kinds of payments:

  • Online Paperless Bill Payment  - Our online bill payment program is a convenient, paperless option for customers. Click here.                                                                                         
  • Payment by Phone - If you wish to make a credit card payment over the phone, you can call our office Monday through Friday. We will charge your credit card at that time. We will email you a notification of your payment or give you a confirmation number over the phone. Please call 312-522-1155.                                                                                                                           
  • Automatic Payment - If you wish to use automatic payment, you can complete the appropriate form, please contact customer service for the appropriate form. The credit card will be charged for the balance due on the due date of your current statement.