Refuse & Recycling

            SBC Waste Hauling and Our Village 

After months of discussion, the Village Board of Trustees has awarded its first Waste
Hauling Franchise Agreement to SBC Waste Solutions.  Refuse, recycling, and landscape
waste removal will continue in a manner similar to existing services. Additional options
will be available to residents at reduced pricing.
Previous to this contract, no Village Waste Hauling Franchise Agreement existed and
residents were on their own when it came to setting up waste hauling services. Due to
this, Indian Head Park residents have paid a higher price for waste hauling services than
residents of other communities in the area. The Village sought to establish this waste
hauling contract to negotiate lower prices for residents and to increase service options.

Groot will be cancelling the individual accounts of residents that are part of the new Waste Franchise Agreement.
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Upcoming Events

First Two Weeks of Yard Waste Collection (April 2022): The first two weeks of yard waste collection in 2021 will be free. Yard waste will be collected on your regularly scheduled pickup day. For these first two weeks, a sticker will not be required for yard waste to be collected, however, brush bundles should still be tied together and under 4 feet in length.

Village Cleanup/Refuse Amnesty Day (May 9 and May 13, 2022): In the middle of April the Village will have its first annual cleanup day with SBC Waste Solutions. During your regularly scheduled pickup day residents are able to put up to 5 yards of waste material out to be picked up for 3 stickers. This includes bulk items like chairs, tables, or other pieces of furniture, as well as normal refuse items. Yard Waste, Electronics Waste, and White Goods are not included in the Cleanup Day.

Free Electronics and Paint Recycling Day (May 21 2022): On this Saturday the Village and SBC Waste Solutions will be hosting an electronics and paint drop-off. From 9 AM-1 PM, residents will be able to drop off paint and electronics at the Public Works Building (11308 70th Place) to be recycled. Residents will need to provide proof of residence when dropping off paint and electronics, a driver's license or piece of mail would work.


Helpful Links

SBC Waste Solutions Website-Indian Head Park Page

Pay Bill Online at SBC Waste Solutions

Special Edition Smoke Signals on SBC Waste Solutions (Note: The Leaf vacuuming dates in this newsletter have been slightly modified to extend the program later into November)

Fall 2020 Smoke Signals (Contains information on the Waste Franchise Agreement implementation, leaf vacuuming, and brush pickup as well as information on other news in the Village. As of 10/22/2020, this Newsletter has the most up to date calendar for dates related to leaf vacuuming and other aspects of the Waste Franchise Agreement).

Frequently Asked Questions-February

Recyclable Items Cheat Sheet

Letter Sent to Residents

Link to Refuse and Recycling Selection Sheet

Options & Pricing

OPTIONS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Refuse Stickers $2.85 $3.00 $3.10 $3.22 $3.25
35 Gal Toter Month Rate  $14.35 $14.80 $15.22 $15.70 $16.15
65 Gal Toter Month Rate  $14.55 $14.95 $15.40 $15.87 $16.37
95 Gal Toter Month Rate  $15.55 $16.10 $16.60 $17.10 $17.65
Yard Waste Pickup $2.85 $3.00

$3.10 $3.22 $3.25
Bulk Items  3 Stickers 3 Stickers 3 Stickers 3 Stickers  3 Stickers
Special Collections $25.00 
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum
3 yard minimum 
3 yard minimum
Electronic Waste  10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers 10 Stickers