Sterigenics & Our Community 

How Are We Affected as a Community?

A new U.S. Federal study shows people living near the Sterigenics International plant, located at 7775 S. Quincy St. in Willowbrook, face some of the country’s highest cancer risks from toxic air pollution.Sterigenics has been proven to be emmitting Ethylene Oxide, which is classified as a "carcinogenic" (cancer-causing) to humans.  The Chicago Tribune reports that federal officials began investigating the company last year after surrounding communities (including Indian Head Park) were identified on a national map of health hazards from breathing toxic chemicals. With the rising concerns, and risks that have come to light, Mayor Tom Hinshaw, with the backing of the Village Board of Trustee, has taken a stand. 

What Are We Doing About It?

Mayor Hinshaw has written letters to the Illinois Enviornmental Protection Agency, the Vice President of Sterigenics, as well as a letter to Mayor Trillia of the Village of Willowbrook. Mayor Hinshaw and the Village Board want to be completely transparent with residents on every step of the way in this process. See below for references, letters written, links about Sterigenics, as well as social media platforms against Sterigenics. Please keep checking back as more information becomes available.  

What Can You Do About It?

Get Involved! Residents can join the social media accounts that aim to Stop Sterigenics (listed below) and contact your Local and State Politicians. If you have any questions, or want to know more, please do not hesitate to call Indian Head Park Village Hall at 708-246-3080 x100, or email 

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