Local Flood Hazard Area Maps & Information

Maps showing the Special Flood Hazard Areas as identified on the Federal Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) can be viewed in the Village Hall, the reference desk at nearby libraries or by going on the FEMA Map Service Center web­site. The floodplain areas on these maps are based on a design rain storm having a theoretical return frequency of 1% in a year (The 100-­year rain). However, rain events can exceed this amount or other conditions may cause higher flood levels.

Purpose of Insurance

These are the maps used by lending institutions to determine if a home is within the floodplain and the homeowner will need to carry flood insurance when they obtain a mortgage or refinance their home. This flood insurance is required by law and cannot be waived unless the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issues a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) stating that the structure is not located in the floodplain.

Obtaining a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

To obtain a LOMA the homeowner must submit to FEMA elevation information certifying that the lowest adjacent ground elevation next to the home as well as the lowest floor elevation (this includes the basement floor or the elevation of the crawl space if there is no basement) are both above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).

More Information

The Village Engineer, through our Public Works Department, can assist you in determining whether your property is located in a flood hazard area.