Sewer System Overview

​The primary purpose of the Sewer System is to provide a safe and reliable means for transmission of waste water to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC), and a comparable system of storm water drains and conduits to carry surface water to the various major storm water routes away from the Village (primarily Flagg Creek.) 

Sewer Division Duties

The Sewer System is managed by the Superintendent of Public Works and Water and three technicians from the Public Works Department. The Sewer Division is responsible for flood control (creeks, public drainage ways, detention ponds, and storm sewers) and the sanitary sewer system (sanitary sewers) in the Village of Indian Head Park. 
  • Approximately 11 miles of sewer are maintained by the Sewer Division.
  • All sewer back­ups are responded to by this Division.
  • Maintenance consists of:
    • Cleaning and maintaining inlets, manholes, and catch basins
    • Systematically cleaning all sewers
    • Systematic inspection and cleaning of the open public drainage ways


Parts of the sanitary sewer system in Indian Head Park were built in the 1950s when clay tile pipes were standard materials. The age of these pipes, along with the materials used can make them vulnerable to erosion, cracking, and root intrusion.

Homeowner Responsibilities

While the Village is working on upgrading the older pipes in the public portion of the system, homeowners are responsible for the sewer service line to their homes. The Village has engaged the services of its professional engineering firm, Strand Associates, to determine the full scope of maintenance and repair work required. This analysis will be completed during the summer of 2016.

Condition Records

The Village has televised records of sewer line conditions updated every ten years for the portion of the Village served by our sewer and storm drain system. Please note that some sections of the Village are provided with sanitary sewer services by the LaGrange Highlands Sanitary District. If you have any questions regarding the Public Works Sewer System, please call 708-246-1233.