Snow Removal Guidelines & Policies

Plow Guidelines

The Village has 12 center lane miles. It can take approximately 6 to 7 hours to clear the 12 miles of streets, depending on the snow intensity and length of snowfall. Cook County has responsibility for Wolf Road, while the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is responsible for snow clearing on Plainfield and Joliet Roads. We are not authorized nor funded to plow the State or County Roads.

Snow Removal Policies

  • When the snow begins to fall, public works staff will begin salting and plowing main streets first. This is to ensure that emergency vehicles and school buses will be able to travel safely. Then, public parking and sidewalks will be cleared. Side streets and cul-de-saacs are plowed next, followed by alleyways.
  • The Village of Indian Head Park adheres to a priority schedule when performing snow removal services. Please click here for the priority map used for snow removal (PDF).
  • Public Works cannot be called to clear private property or driveways.
  • Please be courteous to your neighbors and motorists; do not shovel snow back into the streets.