Drainage Maintenance & Waste

For some people that live on or near creeks, wetlands or other drainage­ways, these may seem as a handy place to get rid of yard wastes. After all it is no different than what grows there naturally. And eventually they will decay and fertilize the area. Most household wastes can be re­cycled, disposed of with the normal garbage collection when properly prepared or brought to a hazardous waste collection site. It is important to know that every curb inlet and storm drain in the Village discharges into a pond or creek
  1. Illegal Deposits
  2. Obstructions
  3. Clean Water Act
It is illegal to deposit any type of debris including branches, leaves, grass clippings or dirt into or adjacent to any creeks, ponds, wetlands detention basins, ditches or other areas that periodically collect and convey storm waters. This applies particularly on the streets that parallel Flagg Creek, including Keokuk Road and Cochise Drive.
  1. Prohibited Discharge
  2. Fines & Penalties
In the spring of 2004, the Village passed an ordinance that prohibits the discharge to the storm drainage system of anything but storm water. This includes things such as:
  • Animal wastes
  • Antifreeze and other automotive fluids
  • Old motor oil
  • Unused paints, solvents or cleaning fluids
  • Wastewater from carpet cleaning