On behalf of the citizens of Indian Head Park, we are pleased & excited to greet you to our community. We sincerely hope your residence here will be enjoyable and that you will refer to our website often as you become more familiar with the Village of Indian Head Park. Please keep up to date with our Village Calendar!

New residents of Indian Head Park should stop into the Village Hall, located at 201 Acacia
Street in the Acacia Subdivision, or call the Village Administration Office at 708-246-3080
as soon as possible after their closing date.  New owners will need to provide the Date of Closing.

The Village Administration staff will be happy to assist you with setting up your water
account, issuing vehicle stickers and dog tags.While you are here, our staff will also provide you with all the information you need to know as a new resident. 

You should expect to receive the quarterly Village newsletter; Smoke Signals, in the mail.
  1. Establish Water Service
  2.  Registration of Dog(s)
  3. Registration of Vehicle(s)
  4. Resident Emergency Info Form

Establish Water Service

New Residents who are in the Indian Head Park Water district need to establish a new water account. Please fill out the IHP New Water Account Registration and return the registration form to the Village Hall. Owners and renters needing to establish Indian Head Park water service, also must provide a $250.00 refundable water utility deposit.  Indian Head Park residents obtain their water and sewer services from the Village of Indian Head Park or La Grange Highlands Sanitary District, depending upon their location.  If you are unsure about who provides your water and sewer services, please call the Indian Head Park Administration Department at (708) 246-3080 ext. 100.