Heritage Center Community Library

The Heritage Center houses the Indian Head Park Village Community Library. During the year residents donate books from their own collection to be shared with others in the community. We have a wonderful fiction collection full of current best sellers, your favorite mystery authors, children’s books, and biographies. Our nonfiction section is limited due to space constraints, but it is still full of great reads.

Special Events

The Heritage Center is available to Village residents for special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties. For more information, please call the Village Administration Office at 708-246-3080 ext 104.

Heritage Center Committee

The Village of Indian Head Park recently incorporated a Heritage Center Committee which oversees the preservation, maintenance, and overall well being of the Heritage House. The Heritage Center Committee will hold meetings throughout the year, and we encourage residents to attend the meetings. Please see our Village Meeting Calendar for information on upcoming events at meetings about the Heritage House. 

  1. Book Sale
  2. Donations
  3. Events & Meetings
  4. Hours of Operation
  5. Volunteers

Book Sale

Located at the entry to the library is an ongoing book sale where you can find good, used books and DVDs at very reasonable prices. Once a year we weed out our collection and donate the overstock to an organization who either recycles, sells or makes the items available to schools or other charities in need.
A Special Thank You to Our Current Volunteers;
  • Aileen Henkel
  • Alice Copeland 
  • Anne Bermier
  • Chris Metz
  • Greg Scovitch 
  • Greta Ciessau
  • Haley Etheridge
  • Jean Southerland 
  • Maria Schillinger
  • Marlene Moran 
  • Peter Carlson
  • Selma Ivan 
  • Sharon Kalinoski
  • Suzanne Carlson 
  • Tom Herley 
  • Tom Hinshaw
  • Tom Moran 
  • Tom RIce