Community Safety & Awareness

Safety Tips for Residents

The Police Department has put together tips and tricks to keep our residents safe. Always remember to report ANY form of suspicious activity, call the Police Department or 9-1-1. 
  1. Home Safety
  2. Identity Theft Protection 
  3. Pedestrian Safety
  4. Telephone Safety
  5. Vehicle Safety

Home Safety & Security Tips

  • Lock all doors & windows within the home
  • Sliding glass doors should be reinforced with a metal/wood dowel or locking pin
  • Keep front & back entrances and openings to home well lit
  • Alarm systems are recommended, and use them habitually
  • Retrieve mail & newspapers on a daily basis
  • Do not leave garage doors open
  • Do not leave garage door openers, key fobs, or sets of keys in open vehicles or laying around.
  • Consider replacing locks periodically, and use deadbolts.
  • Use timers for lights in and outside your house.