Smart911 Emergency Notification System


What is Smart911?

The Smart911 Emergency Notification System is a fast communication service allowing the Village of Indian Head Park to notify citizens of an emergency situation. It enables the Village to provide mass notification quickly and easily. Smart911 is only part of the notification process. Other tools include this website and media outlets, such as local television and radio stations.
Examples of times when the Smart911 system could be utilized include bomb threats, utility outages, drinking water contamination, water main breaks, evacuation notices and routes, fires or floods, hostage situations, and missing persons. The system may also be used to notify citizens of non-emergency situations as necessary and appropriate.

Receive Notifications

To receive notifications, you will need to register. This service is free.
  1. Go to the Smart911 Website
  2. Once at the Smart911 website, press the " SIGN UP" button, then follow prompts and complete 'Contact Information''
  3. Under 'Contact Information' everyone should first enter their land line phone number. This will ensure that this number is registered. When entering the land line number, do not check any boxes below the number. If you have no land line phone number then begin with your mobile phone number.
  4. After 'Contact Information', complete the 'Alert Types' you would like to receive.

Smart911 System

The Smart911 system will record messages to voicemail and answering machines. When there is no answer at a telephone number, Smart911 will attempt to deliver messages three times before deleting the number from the queue.

If you have caller ID installed on your phone, the Smart911 call may display as an "unknown caller;" however, the number will be (999) 911-9999. Please make a note of this, and do not disregard calls from this number!

Upon receiving a Smart911 alert do not call 9-1-1 unless instructed to do so. You will only tie up emergency lines.