Winter Terms

With Old Man Winter just around the corner, the National Weather Service urges residents to keep abreast of local forecasts and warnings and familiarize themselves with key weather terminology.

Types of Percipitation

  1. Blowing Snow
  2. Freezing Rain
  3. Sleet
  4. Snow Flurries
  5. Snow Showers
  6. Snow Squalls
Blowing Snow is wind driven snow that reduces visibility and causes significant drifting. Blowing snow may be snow that is falling and/or loose snow on the ground picked up by the wind.

Types of Weather Advisories / Warnings

  1. Dense Fog Advisory
  2. Lake Effect Snow Warning
  3. Wind Chill Advisory
  4. Wind Chill Warning
A Dense Fog Advisory is issued when fog will reduce visibility to 1/8 mile or less over a widespread area.

Types Winter Weather Advisories / Warnings

  1. Blizzard Warning
  2. Winter Storm Outlook
  3. Winter Storm Warning
  4. Winter Storm Watch
  5. Winter Weather Advisory
A Blizzard Warning is issued for sustained or gusty winds of 35 mph or more, and falling or blowing snow creating visibility at or below 1/4 mile; these conditions should persist for at least three hours.