Plainfield Road Improvement 

Corridor Expansion 

In accordance with Cook County’s long-term goals outlined in Connecting Cook County, the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (DOTH) has initiated the Plainfield Road Phase I Study. Plainfield Road is a two-lane roadway under the jurisdiction of Cook County, located in the southwest suburbs of Cook County. The study corridor is approximately 3.5 miles long, from County Line Road, Burr Ridge to East Avenue, in Brook field. The objective of this Phase I Study is to address existing roadway and drainage deficiencies, enhance pedestrian/bicycle accommodations, and improve safety and mobility for all users.  

​A robust public and stakeholder involvement effort will be conducted for the corridor study. The Plainfield Road Study will incorporate goals and priorities of key stakeholders and will build upon existing plans and adjacent projects.
You can participate in this study in the following ways:

1. Share your Feedback!​

2. Stay Informed