Mayor's Message

Spring 2020

Hello to my fellow Indian Head Park residents. As we start 2020, the health of our Village is strong. Our financial position is secure with about $ 1,800,000 in the bank, which is about four months of cash on hand and what our Finance Committee has stated to be our goal for cash reserves. We operate with a balanced budget. We have a capital plan that we continue to work on roads, water, sewer and storm water systems and other infrastructure. We are working closely with the Illinois Tollway on the I-294 project. Both the budget and capital plan is on our website.

We want all information to be available to our residents, so we work hard to be open and transparent. We broadcast our monthly Village Board meetings on Comcast Channel 6, Facebook Live, and always posted on our website a few days after the meeting. If there is something that you want to see and it is not online, please let us know.

We have been working with Cook County on a new “complete street” for Wolf Road throughout the Village. A complete street means a newly built road with curb, gutters, center turn lane, and pedestrian access on both sides of Wolf Road. This is a 5 to 8 year project, but we have been making progress in working with the County. There will be many updates along the project and some parts of the project will still need to be figured out.

The rebuild of Acacia Drive is moving forward with the potential to have the construction to begin in 2021. We are looking for updates in June 2020 for options on the sidewalk location.

Recently the Village Board approved allowing the retail sales of adult cannabis in the Village as a special use. If at some point we are to get an application from a business to open a cannabis retail sales store, we will use our established special use permitting process to address many of the concerns raised by our residents. This process is not a guarantee of approval, it is a process that requires greater transparency in the decision making process, including but not limited to public notifications and public hearings.

Please sign up for SMART911 to receive emergency message from the Village. I also encourage everyone to sign up for updates from our website. You can sign up to receive notices about meetings, when news is posted, and many other options. Please note, we have a service on our web site, the Concern and Complaint Portal, where you can fill out a “work” ticket on an issue you would like the Village to look at.

On another note, our beautiful Village was named the 27th Best Suburban Community in the Nation by the community related website Niche, rated as the 81st safest small town in the US by and has rated Indian Head Park as the 12th best place to live in Illinois. 

Lastly, I encourage all residents to sign up on our Village website to receive important notifications, and reminders (i.e.: Village Vehicle Stickers, Meeting Notices, and Community Events). Residents can sign up for alerts ranging from the Police Department, Community Alerts, and even the Public Works Department. To receive these alerts please sign up on our Stay Informed Portal, and personalize what you would like to be alerted & informed about! Please let me know about any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You may also use the Concern or Compliment or Community Voice features within the website under Residents.I am very proud to serve as your Mayor, and it is wonderful that we have been recognized as the fantastic community that we are. I am available to address your community group, condo association, club, or neighborhood coffee to address all things Indian Head Park. Happy to hear from you at or 708-497-9745.

Thank you, 
Mayor Tom Hinshaw