Mayor's Message

Spring 2019

After a long winter, spring is finally here! Moving into the warmer months Indian Head Park has many projects planned on the horizon. We are moving forward with capital projects in the Village which include $2,000,000 in water main projects to be completed this summer.  The Board of Trustees recently approved the first of eleven proposed projects, Project “H” and Project “J” which will break ground in May of 2019. Project “H” was the first area of selection because this area has the most frequent water main breaks, as well as being one of the oldest water main lines in the Village. Project "H" would be improving about 6,000 to 6,500 feet of water main, and would give the Village roughly about three less water main breaks per year going forward. Project “J” was the next to be selected so Indian Head Park can loop the south end of the Village onto the water system with more water main connections, so there will be less residential water disturbance if a water main break should occur. This project is roughly 1,000 linear feet of water main, and would improve water quality as a whole. To view the projects discussed, please visit the 2019 Water Main Project Map.

The process for water main Project “H” the Village Roads will be opened up for the water main work. After the new water main is installed gravel will be placed on top of that to settle over the summer. In the fall the roads will be repaved and the project will be completed. The residents in the Project “H” area will have roads in various conditions as we complete the work on the new water mains.  

In other construction news, the Village is working on sidewalks and pedestrian paths along Acacia Drive, Plainfield, Wolf and Joliet Roads. Unfortunately nothing moves fast and the cost of these projects is always a concern. The Village Board has made adding more sidewalks and safe pedestrian paths in our Village a priority and set this as a Village Goal. The Board and I are working with different agencies to see what can be accomplished. The emphasis is on the main roads in the Village.

In April of 2019 the Village will be switching over our 911 call center from Southwest Central Dispatch to the Cook County E-911 Dispatch Center. We have been a member of SWCD for the last 13 years. Overall, as a Village we will save $10,000 a month by our switch as well as incorporating better technology for our Police Department and Officers. With the switchover, we have also changed emergency notification services from CODE RED to SMART911. Please sign up for SMART911 as soon as you can. To do so, please visit

Just a friendly reminder, the Annual Village Vehicle stickers for 2019-2020 go on sale Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Please remember to buy your Village Vehicle Sticker BEFORE July 1st, 2019, because the prices double ON July 1st. All residents are able to purchase vehicle stickers online. Please note, this year there will be no Senior Discounts for Vehicle Stickers.  

Some recent discussions in the Village have been about the I-294 Tollway work and the Triangle Re-Development. More information is available on our web site, or I can provide an update for you. Please note, we have a service on our web site, the Concern and Complaint Portal, where you can fill out a “work” ticket on an issue you would like the Village to look at. You also can sign up to receive Village news, meeting updates and much more.

Lastly, I encourage all residents to sign up on our Village website to receive important notifications, and reminders (i.e.: Village Vehicle Stickers, Meeting Notices, and Community Events). Residents can sign up for alerts ranging from the Police Department, Community Alerts, and even the Public Works Department. To receive these alerts please sign up on our Stay Informed Portal, and personalize what you would like to be alerted & informed about! Please let me know about any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You may also use the Concern or Compliment or Community Voice features within the website under Residents. Happy to hear from you at or 708-497-9745.

Thank you, 
Mayor Tom Hinshaw