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2014 IHP Street Program Page
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Indian Head Park Street Bond Referendum (03-19-2014)

Based upon the results from yesterday’s general primary election, our village residents have given their approval to our street bond referendum by a vote of 597 to 278.  This means that the Village can go forward with the “all streets” plan that was discussed at our Town hall meeting last November.  On behalf of the VBT, I want to thank all of our residents who voted yesterday and provided their input to this plan through their ballot.  It is an honor for me and the VBT that our residents have shown their trust in this administration by granting us the authority and the means to go forward with the much-needed repairs to our streets.  Our entire Village will benefit from this project in one way or another.

As always, I will work diligently, along with the VBT, to obtain the best bond rates and the best project prices to implement this plan.  Keep in mind that there are several things that need to occur before work can begin.  Now that we know that we will have the funds available for the roads project, we can move forward with the final engineering that will form the basis for the bids that we will seek from the contractors to do the work.  Once we have the bids, we can award the contract(s) to start the work.  Also, with staff and bond Counsel, we will plan for the best time to go out for the bonds to get the best interest rate and terms.  It is truly an exciting time in our Community!

Finally, I want to say Thank you to all of the residents who worked to get the word out about this referendum and “sell” it to our residents.  Thank you also to our village staff, village engineer, village attorneys and treasurer who provided the VBT with the input and information needed to help formulate the basis for this plan.  The implementation of the street plan begins today!  Wonderful!

-Mayor Richard Andrews

Telephone Scam Alert - 02/18/2014

On February 18, 2014, an IHP resident was involved in a telephone scam. The offender claimed to be an Officer with the US Embassy. The offender related to the victim that her niece was in a jail in Mexico and needed $2,000.00 for bail. The offender also put on a crying girl on the phone claiming to be her niece. The victim was all upset and thought it was her niece. The offender told her to go to CVS Pharmacy and place $2,000.00 in a money gram and send it to an address in the country of Haiti. The victim complied and sent the $2,000.00. After returning home she contacted her niece who was at home and in fine condition and realized she was a victim of a phone scam. The offenders even called the victim back after a couple of hours after receiving the $2,000.00 money gram wanting more money.

These offenders are professional scam artists. They will have your names and relative’s names and use them to gain your trust. If you receive a call like this DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY. CONTACT YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY.

Message from Lyons Township Assessor

Mayor Rich Andrews wishes to call to your attention a very important property tax information notice from our Lyons Township Assessor Barbara Weyrick. Please click here to view it.

Seismic Event

As you may have felt at about 12:35pm Monday November 4th, a magnitude 3.2 seismic event occured in Indian Head Park. Scientists are investigating the event to determine whether it was an earthquake or a blast from a nearby quarry. Visit the USGS event page for updated information. There were no reports of damage or injuries in Indian Head Park.

**UPDATE** If any resident experienced damage as a result of the Hanson Quarry Blast, contact the Lyons Township Quarry Complaint Line at 1-866-934-3278. When prompted, select Hanson Material Service, identify yourself, and explain the damage. This will start a registered complaint and record of the issue.

Village Infastructure Information

The Open Government Page has been updated with a new section titled 'Village Infrastructure Information'. You may click the link in the left sidebar of the Project Page to jump to it.

This section contains the documents presented at the September 12th Board meeting and November 7th Town Hall meeting.

Fire Protection Classification

As discussed at the August Board meeting (see 8/14 post for more info), here is the letter to download and print to see if your homeowner insurance company will lower your rates as a result of Pleasntview Fire Protection District's ISO rating improvement.

New Veterans Service Office at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Press Release


Village Desk by Mayor Richard Andrews

This recent addition to our website can be found by clicking here

ComEd Outage Alerts Program

ComEd’s Outage Alerts program allows participants to report outages via text messaging.

Subscribers can simply text the word “OUT” to 26633 (COMED) to report an outage at the location ComEd has associated with their cell phone number and they receive regular updates on the status of their outage until service is restored.  Non-subscribers who text “OUT” to 26633 will be invited to subscribe to the Outage Alerts program.  New subscribers will receive a confirmation text-message that they successfully subscribed, and will immediately be enrolled to receive notifications on their cell phones or pagers when an outage has been reported at their address.

To subscribe, customers will need either the ComEd account number, the account holder's social security number or the primary phone number on the account.  Customers can also now enroll in the text message program thru the VRU using their account number, SSN or phone number. 

Please note that ComEd does not charge customers for this notification, but their wireless carrier may have message and data fees.

To learn more about Outage Alerts, visit ComEd.com/text.

NEW Crime Alerts Page

Please click here for a new website section concerning current crime alerts and other pertinent police information.

Community Awarenes & Neighborhood Watch Meetings

The next neighborhood watch meeting date to be determined, and will be held at the village hall.

Community Awareness meetings are held by the Indian Head Park Police Department in the Board Room of the Village Hall, 201 Acacia Drive.

Resale Inspection Ordinance

Click here for the newly adopted Resale Inspection Ordinance.

Click here for the Information Sheet.

Click here for an application.

Click here for the checklist

Click here for the Administrative checklist

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in IHP

Please see the Emerald Ash Borer page for full details.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle Stickers for 2013/14 went on sale May 15, 2013, and were required to be displayed by July 15th. Avoid tickets and purchase yours. Please see the Vehicle Sticker page for more information.



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